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Lil' Toot Kid's Party

Quick Details

Lil' Toot Kid Party For Kids 12 and Under!

Kids can’t resist the excitement and charm of Celebration Cruise’s Lil’ Toot!

From the moment children catch sight of the playful bubbles emanating from Lil’ Toot’s smokestack, witness the cheerful smile on his bow, or hear the friendly “Toot, Toot” of his horn, their excitement reaches a fever pitch. The name Lil’ Toot alone brings sheer delight to kids of all ages. Imagine the thrill of celebrating your child’s birthday aboard this one-of-a-kind vessel! With Lil’ Toot as your destination, you’re in for an unforgettable adventure.

Under the watchful eye of a US Coast Guard Certified Captain, the party sets sail through the tranquil waters of the harbor. Children will have the incredible opportunity to take the helm of the Lil’ Toot boat, steering their way through the gentle waves and feeling like genuine sea captains. As the birthday child, they’ll receive a special Lil’ Toot sailor cap, adding an extra touch of excitement to their big day. Rest assured, everyone on board is guaranteed a fantastic time filled with laughter, joy, and endless memories. Birthdays become truly extraordinary when celebrated on the Lil’ Toot!

Whether it’s the captivating experience of steering a boat or the sheer joy of being surrounded by friends on this unique adventure, the Lil’ Toot Kid’s Party is an unparalleled celebration. With the picturesque Santa Barbara harbor as your backdrop, your child and their guests will create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Make your child’s birthday truly awesome by choosing the Lil’ Toot as your party destination. Let the smiles, laughter, and “Toot, Toots” fill the air as you sail into an unforgettable celebration on the Lil’ Toot!